Join me May 1st in Making Art & saying Yes to movement!
M - Making
A - Art & saying
Y - Yes to movement!

For the month of May let's keep it simple & just make a mark & create art however we want.
Choose a Theme for the month. You can doodle, make a simple mark, write a quote/word, write how you feel each day or draw something in front of you, like a flower....the ideas are endless.
All you need is
• Paper or notebook
• Black ink
• Black pens/markers
• 31 squares if your using a large sheet of paper.
Measure out on the paper with 31 squares, whatever size you want, I did 2" x 2".
Pick the theme of what YOU want to do for the month...Listen to you gut and release it, by releasing what's inside you. Use this oportunity to try something new? Even doing a mark everyday creates movement. Each day you will create something in your squares & hopefully you will share? 

Thanks for taking this journey for yourself & with us!!!
I will be doing my drawings on my YouTube channel 
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Feel free to start with us anytime!

I would love to SEE what you are creating also?

Hashtag your pictures to #cindyskeycreationsclass2020

Cindy Vajtai

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