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PLEASE NOTE: This item is a High Quality Print of my original artwork called "REMEMBERING" that comes in 2 sizes.

Print of the door 4" x 10" $10

Small Door 4" x 9" $20

Large Door 18" x 7" $40

This art is glued onto wood to be a representation of a door. The real door was painted during a live conference for 3 days called "Ancient Doors", in Damascus, Oregon 2020. It is a living reminder of Remembrance of WHO YOU ARE & what you agreed to, on the earth. As you remember what you have agreed to, you can write down key words you receive on the back side of your door. These remembrances will turn into treasures & mysteries to unfold.

Order the size of door you would like on a custom order form


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This Item can be CUSTOM ORDERED in a variety of ways .

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