• S.W.

    This is more than a book of art, It is an artistic expression of important key events in My life. Cindy wove horses throughout the pages... I am sure she didn't realize that my first horse, Magic, was A gift from God to the litte girl of my heart that always wanted A horse but never got one until I was 47... Even the yarn that bound this book together matched the long flowing Mane my Magic had... resembling the piece I snipped to save when he went to Heaven. 

  • C.B.

    I don't think I've ever seen something so beautifully handmade before…I felt the lifting power of God into a whole new dimension & realm that I've never seen & felt before, as I looked through each page.

  • J.A.

    When I received this gift, I thought I wouldn't want to mess this beautiful book up & just enjoy looking at it. The very next day I spilled beet juice all over it & christened it!

  • H.W.

    This is such a lovely unique personal gift, that can't be duplicated. Each page represents me in every way including the colors.  I was full of anticipation as I opened this treasure.  This reminds me of who I am in someone elses eyes and of course, how I am seen through Pappa's eyes. This is a personal treasure of mine!

  • M.W.

    Cindy’s art work is inspiring, uplifting, reminding, inviting & peaceful. I find myself looking deeper into her painting, I find myself being lead by Jesus into the unknown of all that Papa has for me & wants to say. Each time I look at the paintings I see something new & inspiring! Cindy’s Key Creations has been a true blessing in my life & home!

All momento's & Art can be custom ordered with a color theme & unique to each individual.